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He Group Members Photos (2016)



April 1 fun: Jessica Wang, Qingping Liu, Jiangan Xie (Hardy), Oliver He, Peter Sun, Edison Ong, Meiyu Wong, Zhaohui Ni, Ningxian Fan (Nina), and Chris Codd. Taken in front of UM Medical School Medical Science Research Building III (MSRB III), at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He lab undergraduate students: Jessica Wang, Peter Sun, Chris Codd, and Ningxian (Nina) Fan. Taken in front of UM MSRB III, at Ann Arbor.


Before a weekly He lab meeting: Chris Codd, Jessica Wang, Zhaohui Ni, Qingping Liu, Hardy Xie, Edison Ong, Meiyu Wong, Nina Fan, Peter Sun, and Rebecca Racz. Taken in conference room A340 at MSRB III.

He lab members get together: Peter Sun, Yongqun He (Oliver), Chris Codd, Rebecca Racz., Ningxian Fan (Nina), Jessica Wang, Meiyu Wong, Edison Ong, Qingping Liu, Zhaohui Ni, and Jiangan Xie (Hardy). Taken in front of UM Medical School Medical Science Building I (MS I) at Ann Arbor. Note some lab members were not in the picture.

He lab girls: Meiyu Wong, Jessica Wang, Nina Fan, Becca Racz., Zhaohui Ni, Qingping Liu. Taken in front of UM MS I at Ann Arbor.

Becca before graduation: Oliver He and Rebecca (Becca) Racz. Becca is going to graduate in 19 days from UM Pharmacy school. After a short break, she will join the FDA as an ORISE fellow.

Two PhD students in He lab: Edison Ong, Oliver He, and Hardy Xie.

Two visiting scholars in He lab: Qingping Liu, Oliver He, Zhaohui Ni. Taken in front of UM MS I at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Two UROP students at the 2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Ningxian (Nina) Fan, Sydni S. Joubran.

2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Jessica Wang

2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Jessica Wang, Jiangan (Hardy) Xie

2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Christopher Codd

2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Christopher Codd, Jiangan (Hardy) Xie

2016 UROP symposium (4/19/2016): Jessica Wang, Oliver He, Sydni S. Joubran, Christopher (Chris) Codd, Ningxian (Nina) Fan

4/23/2016: Rebecca Racz became a Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm.D.) at this moment.

4/23/2016: Rebecca Racz, and Oliver He, after Becca's graduation ceremony.

4/25/2016: Nina Fan, Chunhong Peng, Qingping Liu, Zhaohui Ni, Meiu Wong, Edison Ong, Hardy Xie, and Jordan Zinder, at a restaurant (Asian City) in Yespsilanti.


9/20/2016: He Lab reunion at Bethesda, Maryland. Andrea, Oliver, Hardy Xie, Edison Ong(back), Girl, Asiyah, Becca Racz, and Meiu Wong.

9/22/2016: Edison Ong, Oliver He, Qingping Liu, Hardy Xie. A celebration before Qingping Liu left back for China.

9/22/2016: During a party at Asian City Restaurant. Jiahao Wang, Oliver He, Qingping Liu husband, Hardy Xie, Ningxian (Nian) Fan, Yuying Tian, Zhaohui Ni.


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